Benefits of After School Care

14528374_10210970791247662_2041439114_nParents manage a unique balancing act during the start of the school year. New arrival times, conferences, PTO meetings, and football practice completely change the family schedule. Busy work schedules combined with the new routine results in families struggling to take care of everyone’s needs.

As a parent, may you have to work long hours, or may have other significant obligations and cannot always be with your child right after school. After school care provides a filler during the stressful afternoon hours.

Benefits of After School Care:

A quality afterschool care program can enrich your child’s life, help them develop new skills, and create a safe place for them to grow while allowing you to work and provide for your family.

  1. Creates a sense of belonging

Over time, the aftercare staff, teachers, and students become a family. The care center becomes familiar, with similar faces, friends, and relationships. A new environment provides for your child the chance to connect with new people in a way other than at school or home.  There’s  more adult supervision than on the school playground or cafeteria, too. As a result, kids struggling at school academically or socially have another chance to feel like the belong and are accepted.

  1. Helps Your Child Academically

After-school programs offer the opportunity for your children to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. After school homework help provides a safe and encouraging space for homework that is away from teachers and parents. If your children can get their homework done in after-care, they are more likely to have open, tense-free evenings at home.  

  1. Improves social skills

An after-school program promotes social skills and security. Children learn to interact with others during structured activities as well as free play. They also attend field trips and have the opportunity to improve their social skills in  unfamiliar public settings. Your children will learn lessons like sharing, open-mindedness, and how to be respectful of others.

  1. Builds confidence

Some kids may have developmental, attention or learning challenges and an after-school program can give them the confidence they need. It is a much more relaxed atmosphere for the child to be able to express who they are and grow. The kids are willing to try new  things, take risks, and be themselves in a casual setting. In turn, this can lead to confidence and better self-esteem.

  1. Convenience for Parents

The time between when school is out and work is over is often challenging for parents. There are many options including after school care that can help fill the gap. Consider your family’s needs and child personality when weighing your options.

Ballwin MO After School Care

After school care can provide many benefits for your child, and if it seems to be the right choice for your family contact our Ballwin after school care program for more information. Here at the Adventure Learning Center, we aim to provide your children with a place they are nurtured.