Five Good Things About Halloween, Scientifically Speaking

In a kid’s world, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Dressing up in costumes is great and being spooked is fun but getting free candy is the best. Some parents and dentists struggle over sugar consumption at Halloween. Others who believe the holiday has gotten way too scary are also skeptical about whether children should participate. Looking at the holiday from a scientific perspective can provide a whole new twist. The following are five reasons it’s good to celebrate all things Halloween, according to science.

1-Candy Treats are Good!

What child doesn’t like candy? Even many dentists admit it’s perfectly fine for children to enjoy a glut of candy at Halloween, as long as the behavior is a rare thing. According to science, chocolate provides more than your basic sugar rush. Eating chocolate stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphins, which are mood-boosting chemicals in the brain.

You can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by eating an ounce of dark chocolate every day. All in all, Halloween treats offer more positives than negatives. Parents may just be able to allow their children to indulge every year, guilt-free.

2-Halloween Stimulates Appealing Stress Levels

Not all stress is bad. In fact, as humans, we love stress! Whether we’re sitting in a movie theater to watch the latest horror flick or riding a roller coaster that provokes screams, just the right amount of stress is a delight. According to scientists, optimal stress is only transient or moderate and occurs in a safe context. You’re willing to give up some control, and you say, “Surprise me!” This is a definition of play, actually. A little spooky fun can be a scaringly good time!

3-Pretending is Healthy

Dressing up in costumes is tantamount to taking on a different identity. Wearing the costume of a villain allows children to pretend and explore what it might be like to do mean, violent, or sinister things. Ultimately, children can develop mastery over their emotions by controlling or role-playing real-life types of situations in a pretend role. Not to mention, dressing up is fun!!

4-The Ritual of Holidays Keeps Us Together

One of the great things about Halloween is that it brings about interaction with neighbors that may not occur at any other time. Social connections are good for us. It makes us kinder, healthier, and happier. Take the time hello to your neighbors while handing out great candy at Halloween. Or visit with others at your church or school at a local trunk or treat. Any of these is a good way to socialize this Halloween.

5-It’s A Chance To Look At What Scares Us

Death is one of those things that no one really likes to think about. This is evidenced by the vast majority of people who don’t prepare for their death. With children, it is even harder to talk about and can be very scary indeed. But, at Halloween, we encounter graveyards and face many themes associated with death. This may be a more approachable way to talk about a sensitive subject.

A study was done that found benefit in visualizing death. Namely, it leads to our being more thankful for what we have in life. Oddly enough, a study showed that people who walk through a graveyard instead of on an ordinary street are 40% more likely to help a stranger. So, Halloween can be a smart and less stressful way to look at the scarier or spookier side of life.

We Love Our Little Ghouls & Goblins

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