Adventure Learning Center (ALC) has been a true blessing for me. I recently went back to work part time. ALC worked with me to provide a flexible schedule for my daughter, which most daycares weren’t willing to do. My daughter adores ALC. The teachers and staff have made it a place where she feels comfortable and loved, which is all a parent can hope for.

There are also multiple extra curricular activities offered by ALC that help to make a hectic life easier. My daughter takes both gymnastics and dance classes during her time at ALC, this allows us to use our evenings for family time and not be rushed around attending classes. I really couldn’t have asked for a better place!

Best, Rebecca Rose

Adventure Learning Center is amazing! My son and I love it! The teachers are very attentive and provide excellent care, They appear to have personal involvement and a special place in their heart for each child. When my son is not feeling well and is absent from daycare, we have received phone calls on numerous occasions from the staff at ALC inquiring about how he is feeling and wishing him well. It makes me happy to know that my son is in good hands and well taken care of while I am away from work….. I am impressed!

Sarah Meier

Dear ALC Staff, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of my Emily. I was incredibly concerned about putting Emily in a daycare facility. She was taken care of by our family for the first year of her life so the transition was difficult for all of us.

Before I chose ALC, I looked at many different facilities in West County. I chose this school because of Miss Cindy, Emily’s first teacher. She allowed me to come in to her class weekly and observe her and the other kids with Em. This allowed Emily and me to become more comfortable with the idea of daycare. Cindy soon became more than just a teacher; she became a parenting partner to my family. When I had questions or concerns, Cindy was always there to offer guidance and support. I’m excited that Cindy will also be teaching my son when he is a little older.

Emily also had a lot of interaction with Miss Barbara, we love her. She is fun and I love how she let me know all the little details about Emily’s day. Miss Barbara has become Emily’s official stylist. Emily loves coming home and showing me that Miss Barbara painted her nails (sometimes with polka dots) and had done her hair. One of my favorite art projects Emily has done was the Dr. Seuss cat that Barbara helped her make with her foot, too cute. I really believe that Barbara genuinely cares about the kids in her classroom.

Now Emily is in Miss Brenda’s class and she is so kind and patient. Miss Brenda tells me everything about Emily. They have fun in her class and do all sorts of projects and adventures. Now that Emily is talking so much we talk about her school and her friends. I say: “Do you like Miss Brenda?” Emily replies: “I love Miss Brenda”. Brenda is really a potty training partner, which I appreciate so much.

The management of ALC has been wonderful to us. Anytime we have a question or concern, they have been there to help. I feel that they genuinely care about Emily and want her to attend school there. I don’t feel like we are just a paycheck to them.

I have referred many people to come and visit your center. I was so worried about sending Emily to school but it ended up being one of the best decisions we’ve made. Thanks for all of your help!

Sincerely, Sarah Squires

The environment at Adventure Learning Center is very pleasurable, and conducive to the enrichment of all children.

I am very proud to say that my daughter has excelled as a direct result of her attending Adventure Learning Center . Her language skills developed rapidly, she learned to share, and has made many friends. These are just a few of the many noticeable changes.

It is with this that I am certain you will quickly come to regard Adventure Learning Center as a significant contributor to the success of your child’s development.

Sincerely, Lisa Longo Wildeisen