A Mixed Bag of Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers can seem like they’re made of pure energy, especially when going outside isn’t an option. Whether due to wet or cold weather, the lack of outdoor liveliness can lead to cabin fever or just plain grumpiness. Fortunately, there are plenty of cures for toddler boredom. Some indoor activities for toddlers that can keep tots occupied add some fun and some elements of learning or help develop motor skills. Check out the following ideas for indoor play to keep your tyke occupied and content.

Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

All you need to do is to pull some common household items together to keep your preschooler busy:

Child playing with blocks, fun activities with toddlers
  • Get out an assortment of large cardboard boxes and let your toddler’s imagination run free. The boxes can become whatever she likes, such as a house, train, castle or airplane.
  • Using painter’s tape and any other type of colored tape you may have to tape lines on the floor. Create straight, curvy, triangular, or zig-zag lines and challenge your little one to walk on them frontwards and backward. It’s a great way to strengthen gross motor skills.
  • Go through magazines and cut out pictures of some of your child’s favorite things. Give her some construction paper and glue and let her paste things to her heart’s content.
  • In an open doorway, use tape to create a sticky spider web on the middle section. This way, your child can’t run through it. Then let your tyke throw pieces of balled-up newspaper or cotton balls on it.
  • Put some business cards and old credit cards in a spare wallet. Little ones enjoy putting cards in the pockets and pulling them back out.
  • Put small blocks or pom-poms in holes of a muffin tin. Give your toddler tongs for transferring the items.
  • Water play is always fun for preschoolers. Sit her on a layer or two of towels and let her play with spoons, cups, and water.
  • With or without water, let your child have some scooping fun. Fill a bucket with a lot of small toys. Give your preschooler an assortment of large spoons to scoop the toys from the bucket to another container. Use a slotted spoon if you want to add water to the play.
  • Blow up some balloons and swat them around the room with a new fly swatter. Try keeping two off the ground at once. Set up a goal and turn it into a scoring game.
  • Cut some holes in the top of a plastic container. Give your tot some pom-poms to push through the holes. To make it more challenging, use markers to color the holes and have your child push the green pom-poms through the green hole, etc.
  • Little ones often love to sort things. Get some plastic bowls and a pile of pom-poms. Encourage your child to sort them by color.

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