What To Look For When Choosing A Childcare Provider

Searching for a childcare provider for your child can be a nerve wracking experience. It is a big decision. These are the people that will be caring for the most important people in your life, so it is not a decision to take lightly. Fortunately there are some tips to bear in mind that may help ease your mind. Remember these when you visit the facilities and you can chose a day care provider with confidence.

Tips For Choosing A Childcare ProviderChildcare Provider rocking a baby.

  1. Consistency: It is very important to babies, toddlers and young children to have a consistent routine. For babies, it helps promote healthy sleep patterns and all children embrace a sense of consistency. Ask the childcare provider, what do they do to promote a consistent schedule? You may also ask, what do they do when the day gets off schedule? A professional should be able to show, not just tell you how they promote consistency for the kids throughout the day.
  2. Activities: You want to make sure that your childcare provider is stimulating your children emotionally, socially and educationally. They should have age appropriate learning for everyone from babies to pre-schoolers. These activities should include time for play, quiet time and reading as well as other activities. Ask about their curriculum. Let them show you how they interact with the children on these various levels. Ideally, you should be able to see some of these activities in action as you tour the facility.
  3. Reporting: You want to know how your child spends his or her day. Your childcare provider should have an established method of reporting the ends and outs of their day. Ask them, how will I know when my child napped or how well they ate? How will I know how they spent their day? A good childcare facility will be anxious to show off your child’s daily progress and will have a well written procedure for keeping you in the loop.
  4. Discipline Policies: Not every little angel is always a little angel, and the terrible two’s can be a trying time for parents and childcare providers alike. It is important to know how your daycare provider will address these issues when they arise. You want to make sure that children are disciplined in a way that you feel 100% comfortable with and in a way that is productive for little learners. A qualified daycare will have clear procedures in place for handling any sticky situation.
  5. Safety Policies: You want to feel safe when you send your child to school. Ask about their safety procedures in case of fire or intruder. They should have a clear policy in place for sick kiddos as well. Ask as many questions as you need so you know your child will be safe and secure should any situations arise.
  6. Accreditation and Professional Development: This is a question that can separate the casual daycare from an educational facility. You want to make sure that your children are being cared for by professionals, people who are trained in child development as well as child first aid and CPR. Ask if your daycare does continuing education for their staff.
  7. Get On Your Kids Level: Look around and eye level for your child. Is there plenty to see and do? Does it look like a facility that takes pride in its classrooms? Do they have a range of activities for your child? Do the staff seem engaged with the students, are they playing and watching attentively? If you answer yes to these questions, chances are your child will have a great time while they are at daycare.
  8. Trust Your Gut: This is a big decision for you and your family. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with the facility, its policies and its staff. A reputable daycare facility will embrace these questions as an opportunity to show off their employees and the work that they do for the kids.


Hopefully these questions will help you when you start looking for the right place for your child. Of course, at Adventure Learning Center we are always happy to showcase our school and encourage current and prospective parents to stop in anytime to see happy, learning children.  Stop in and see what makes ALC special!