Why We Incorporate Language Learning at a Young Age

At ALC, we take pride ourselves in our well-rounded curriculum. The right pre-school curriculum can help develop comprehension, socialization, and critical thinking skills. Our pre-school curriculum includes language learning by teaching our student’s Spanish and Chinese. We believe it’s really important to incorporate foreign language at a pre-school level and age. Children who grow up learning a foreign language from a young age – starting as early as three years old- benefit tremendously! Children’s brains are able to soak in a foreign language like a Read More »

Science Activities For Preschoolers

At ALC we take pride in helping our students develop a life long love of learning. This isn’t just an abstract concept that we toss about lightly. The teachers  at Adventure Learning Center spend hours each week weaving reading, science and art into cohesive lesson plans that are as educational as they are fun. In many cases our teachers are able to work in complex theories into engaging activities that the kids love. One way they do so is by creating cool Read More »