Why We Love Preschool Gardening

preschool gardening on earth day

Happy Earth Day! This week at the Adventure Learning Center we have been celebrating Going Green Week! In honor of our Earth-friendly theme, we are going to share why preschool gardening and teaching preschoolers about nature is a wonderful way for them to discover, explore and learn.

The beauty of gardening in a preschool program is that you can involve children every step of the way and make it fun. At the Adventure Learning Center, we get to have the joy of seeing the student’s, not only play in the dirt (which they love) but also learn hands on about science (which we love).

The Benefits of Preschool Gardening


The kids had so much fun making bird feeders out of recycled toilet paper rolls.

Preschool gardening engages children because it’s interactive. They can learn in an environment that is different than a classroom, discover, experiment, nurture, and play. School and childcare gardens is a useful teaching tool, and we are so grateful to have outdoor gardens at the preschool.

Here are a few of the many benefits of gardening with preschoolers:

  • Studies have shown school gardening encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Kids, teachers and parents work hands on together building the student’s teamwork and bonding skills
  • It fosters a sense of responsibility. Being invested and involved in a garden means that the children have to pay attention and maybe do a few chores, and they learn that they are responsible for the care of what is theirs.
  • It develops a sense of patience and appreciation for delayed gratification. Some plants grow quite quickly, but other’s take a while to bloom. Being involved in the process from planting allows children to acknowledge and enjoy the necessity of sometimes waiting for results.

Gardens can be easily integrated into classroom learning and can be as simple as a raised bed or a few potted containers. At the Adventure Learning Center, the children plant bulbs in the fall and watch them bloom in spring! It teaches them about growth, weather, and the seasons.

Planting pomegranate seeds in recycled toilet paper rolls.

Planting pomegranate seeds in recycled toilet paper rolls.

The older classes learn about recycling and what happens to the things we throw away. We get to teach the children ways to repurpose everyday items which foster a sense of wisdom and creativity.

With so much technology these days, kids tend to spend more time indoors than their parents did grow up. Gardening is a great activity to get the kids to love outdoor learning time, away from screens and indoor lights. We love gardening with the preschoolers and seeing their faces when their flowers bloom in spring. Click here to see the full curriculum at the Adventure Learning Center. Or stop in and see us and visit our lovely gardens!