How to De-Stress During the Busy School Year

If you are a busy parent like us you are probably reading this on your phone from the grocery aisle, or maybe during your five minutes of peace during naptime. With the fall season in full swing, football practice, recitals and more coming up, this season can get a little nutty. Remember during these chaotic times to take a little time for you and just breathe. You are the foundation for your family, and it’s important to work on yourself and make quality time for your own sanity.

Too often, we  parents put our needs last. In turn, we have no energy and can emotionally snap at a moment’s notice.

Here are a few reasons to start taking care of yourself today:

  • You’ll be refreshed and have more energy for others.
  • You’ll feel more positive about devoting time to your family.
  • It teaches your children to take care of their own needs.
  • It allows for emotional peace and the ability to remain calm and collected.
  • It’s better for your overall health.

Refueling yourself is different for everyone. Here are a couple techniques that can get yourself centered. Experiment with a few to find what works for you.

Techniques to De-Stress and Make Time for Yourself 

Close up shot of young woman in yoga class doing yoga. People doing ardha matsyendrasana in health club.

Yoga is just one way to take care of yourself and de-stress during the busy school year. 

1.Deep Breathing

Simply taking some alone time to sit and breathe can do wonders for your health and stress. Practicing breath work is an excellent antidote for frustration. Whether you are in a busy store, in the pick up line or at work, you can take your breathing practice with you. Oh, and there is an app for that! Check out this or this app to improve your breathing practice.


Studies show that just two yoga classes a week can show huge benefits. While you may not be able to squeeze two classes into your schedule, you can practice yoga at home. Here are some great poses that are proven to help you calm down. 

3.Working With Your Hands

By working with your hands you can express yourself, and in turn will become more at ease, stress-free, and happier as you get absorbed in something other than your mind. Read more about creativity and stress here.  Start with activities like knitting or painting to test the waters. 

Schedule Self-Care in Your Calendar

This tip is particularly suited to those who live by their to-do lists.  Put self-care on your  daily calendar and you’ll make more time for it. Make yourself a priority, take a few deep breaths, and everything will be okay!