ALC; Fostering Baby Development Daily

At Adventure Learning Center we understand the awesome responsibility entrusted to us by parents everyday. We take our role, not only as care givers but also as babies first teacher, very seriously. This is why we work to foster healthy baby development daily in every infant classroom. We believe that every baby deserves the strongest start, fostering inquisitive brains and happy hearts. It is this commitment to our ALC families that we believe sets us apart as a caring and educational child care facility in West St. Louis County. Here are some of the many ways we work to foster healthy baby development in our students.

Fostering Baby Development In The Classroom

Just like pregnancy trackers online, development in babies follow a calendar. Parent’s magazine¬†offers a pretty comprehensive guide to infant development, for example. Every baby is different, but there are some tried and true activities that can help spur cognition and social development in babies. Here are a few methods that we use in the classroom:

Love and Attention

picture of woman holding baby fostering baby development

Snuggles are a great way to foster healthy baby development.

One of the best ways to foster healthy emotional development in babies is also one of our favorites. A little attention and a lot of love helps babies feel safe and secure. Experts agree that love and positive touch can help to foster a baby’s brain development. In the ALC classroom we do this in a number of ways. Cuddles, rocking and hugs show the babies that they are cared for and loved. Even things as simple as eye contact and frequent smiles help to foster happiness in a child. Rapid diaper changes and a quick response when they show signs of hunger indicate to the baby that their needs will always be answered.

A Little Chit Chat

One of the first things that people notice in our classrooms is that they are bursting with activity. They are only quiet at nap time, really. This is, in part, by design. Our teachers are constantly talking and singing to the babies to help those centers of the brain to start firing at full speed. Simple statements describing our daily actions and activities help babies develop more advanced language skills.

Tummy Time

Gross motor skills are an important part of baby’s development, connecting thoughts to the actions of the body. The experience of being on their tummy helps babies learn to push up, roll over, and even learn to pull up and stand. Often times babies are uncomfortable with tummy time because it is challenging, so our teachers learn to balance productive time on the belly and keeping babies comfort in mind.

Miss Natalia loves to play!

Miss Natalia loves to play!

Stimulate The Senses

Babies need to be exposed to new people, places, and objects in a safe and comfortable setting. Each new interaction helps to frame a baby’s perception of the world around him/her and help them to understand their place in the world. Engaging with new toys, bright or high contrasting colors and even other babies can help spur this type of learning. Music and games like patty-cake and peek-a-boo all offer helpful stimulation.

baby development in action

Our babies are always on the move!

Ample Time For Rest

Of course, we never want too much of a good thing either. Too much stimulation can be scary or overwhelming for a

child. We balance a need for engaging stimulation with the need to rest a growing brain. All of our classrooms strive to get our babies on a good schedule, with plenty of time for napping to allow the rest that a developing brain needs to thrive.

As babies first teachers, the staff at Adventure Learning Center is trained to help foster healthy baby development in

all of our students. We do this with our caring staff in safe and comfortable classrooms. If you would like to learn more about our baby programs contact us to schedule a tour today.