A Simple Guide to Goodbyes at Daycare

daycare drop off tipsAugust is here, which means the first day of school (or preschool) is right around the corner. If goodbyes are typically challenging, or this is your first time dropping your child off at daycare, you are not alone in all the emotions. The start of preschool can bring a lot of tears, for children and parents; and that is perfectly OK! We are here to help with a few daycare drop off tips to help lower anxiety for the whole family.

Read on to learn the best ways for you and your little one to ease the separation anxiety and start the new adventure of preschool this year.

Daycare Drop Off Tips

  1. Involve the Teacher

Introduce your little one to their new daycare teachers before the first day. Show them the building, where their room will be, and any other staff members they will see the first week. Showing them how fun it looks and how warm and caring their teachers will be may calm their nerves. When they see their teachers on day one, they will be a lot less scared.

Take that time to talk to the teachers a little about their child. Let them know about any allergies, anxiety, and some of their favorite things or comforts.

2. Establish a Routine

To cope with the transition, keep a routine. For example, keep breakfast at the same time for the week up until the first day of school. Have a practice run before the first day of school where you run through what will be their new routine.

3. Don’t Sneak Away

Try not to sneak out of the room when your child is distracted. They will find out you are gone right away and make it much more traumatizing for them to realize you disappeared. Instead, develop a goodbye ritual. Your goodbye could be a special hug or phrase you say before finally leaving. Once you’ve said your goodbyes, it’s best to move quickly so that your child doesn’t become preoccupied with your presence or think you may be coming back.

4. Have Comfort Nearby

Keep their favorite stuffed animal or toy with them at daycare so they can cope with separation anxiety. The familiar comfort in the cubby should be there just in case your child get upset or sad. Familiar items can provide a sense of security to your child in a new environment. Typically, your child will grow out of the need for a comfort item once they are familiar with the routine of school.

5. Calm Your Nerves

We know how hard the first day of school is for parents. Remind yourself that this is ideal for your child and their anxieties (and yours) are perfectly normal. Shake off the guilt of dropping your child off and know you are doing the right thing. They will have fun a daycare and learn to love their friends, teachers, and the new schedule.

Whatever stage your family is at, it’s always good to use some of these daycare drops off tips. For those that are joining us for the first time or coming back to ALC after summer, we can’t wait!