The Curriculum

Chilred at a table doing activities

Child Care Curriculum Developed for Every Age Level

We know you want the best for your child. You want them to have fun and learn at the same time. You want them to be prepared when they go to school. Most of all, you want them to learn the skills they need in a place where they feel loved. That is why we have prepared the best lessons at our preschool in Ballwin.

We Plan Lessons that Build a Sense of Community

At Adventure Learning Center, Ltd., we strive to foster positive peer relationships, build a sense of community in the classroom, and teach in a way that enhances developmental learning for each child. We structure learning so that each child can start where they are and achieve significant gains throughout the year.

As an accredited St. Louis child care center, we take learning very seriously; but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! We try to infuse everything we do with purpose. We hire the best teachers, and we expect the best from our curriculum, too.

We believe the right curriculum can help children develop socialization, foster school-readiness, and encourage critical thinking. Using learning centers and assessments that give students plenty of opportunities to show what they’ve learned, we plan lessons aligned with the State Standards. We use material from The Creative Curriculum to inform our instruction. This research-based resource helps our teachers be at their most effective, while still giving them the creativity to make learning relevant for every child. No matter what your child’s age or interest, we have a program designed for them. Daily lessons include:

  • Regular arts and crafts
  • Songs and games
  • Science and cooking projects
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Multicultural activities
  • An introduction to computers

Whole Child Development Approach

Area of Development Curriculum Plan Activities
Language and Reading Listening, speaking and understanding.

Reading and phonological awareness.

Writing, letter and print knowledge.


Literacy Link

Listening Center

Daily Circle Time with Reading

Letter Practice

Mathematics Reasoning, Problem Solving, Numbers and Operations.

Spatial Relationships, Measurements.

Math In Minutes
Science and Technology Life Science and Nature.

Physical Science, Earth Science, Computers.

Sensory Exploration

Science Centers

Computer Learning

Social and Emotional Manners and Social Skills.

World Cultures.

Meal Time Manners

Sign Language for Toddlers

Group Projects

Creative Arts Arts and Crafts.

Music, Dance and Visual Arts.

Music Exploration

Art Appreciation

Physical Education Gross Motor Skills.

Fine Motor Skills.

Health and Fitness.

P.E. for Preschoolers

*Special Events and Guests Will Be Added Throughout the Semester.

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