Our Day Care Philosophy

The ALC philosophy of our Day Care in Ballwin:

Daycare in Ballwin

    We recognize each child to be an individual that brings to our center experiences, strengths, and curiosity to understand the world around him/her.

  • We believe every child has the right to a safe, nurturing environment where they feel secure and comfortable. Each child has the right to an atmosphere that allows the child to develop to his/her maximum ability. It is the teacher’s responsibility to provide opportunities for this development to occur.
  • We believe each child has the right to develop at his/her own pace. We respect individual development and physical difference and difference in racial and ethnic heritages.
  • We believe children learn the best through active participation with their environment and we should provide materials and activities which promote growth in each child’s cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social development.
  • We believe each child has the right to a positive self-image. We believe that in treating children with love and respect, they will, in turn, learn to treat others with that same love and respect.
  • We believe that parents are the most important adults in a child’s life. We strive to form a partnership with our children’s parents  through mutual respect and open communication and make every effort to support individual parenting styles and choices.

If you are looking for a Day Care in Ballwin, MO and have values that match ours, contact us today to learn more.