Fun And Easy Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

The spooky season is upon us, and everybody is gearing up to look their best this Halloween. From adorable witches to spooky ghosts, fancy princesses and brave policemen (and women) every kids gets excited for the holiday. Halloween is a favorite holiday for us at Adventure Learning Center because it is a chance for us to celebrate our annual Halloween parade. Every year students and staff dress in their spooky best and “trick or treat” through the parking lot of the center. Parents are encouraged to participate and everyone has a great time. Today we will look at some of the many costume options we have loved over the years. Read on for fun and easy Halloween costumes for toddlers.

We are here to give you some of the best DIY ideas for this Halloween. Of course, most halloween costumes for toddlers can be scaled up for older siblings. In some cases, the older kids can help in making these costumes. Not only is it a good way to spark creativity, it can also have the pride of wearing their own creations this Halloween.

Harry Potter Costume

We found this adorable Harry Potter costume on Pinterest.

Who doesn’t like a good Harry Potter moment on Halloween? Creating a Harry Potter look is very easy, and it always turns out very adorable on a toddler. First, you need a black robe or cape. Wrap a maroon and yellow scarf around your neck or maroon and striped yellow tie. Look for round plastic glasses and paint on a lightning bolt with red color on your toddler’s forehead. If you trust your kiddo with a wooden stick you have an ready made wand. And voila! Harry Potter magically appears before your eyes.

Baby Ballerina

A baby ballerina is a vision in pink!

Thrift stores and swap sites can be a good place to find costumes for your kiddos. As children grow in and out of hobbies, all of the gear associated with the activity can often gather dust or end up on a deep discount at the local goodwill. Hand-me-down dance gear is a great way to make a halloween costume for a toddler. A dollar store tiara and some new tulle from the fabric store can be all you need to revamp a hand-me-down leotard into something worthy of a primadonna.


For an adorably spooky look a spider is a good option. While this spider is more itsy-bitsy than arachnophobic, it is an excellent and easy Halloween costume for toddler girls and boys. To make this look you may need to do a little shopping but over-all the effort is still itsy-bitsy as well. To make this look you need a black sweatshirt and pants, a black beanie, two pairs of black tube socks, some black thread, black yarn, big googly eyes, and some stuffing.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

To make the arms of the spider, you will have to fill a sock with the pillow stuffing. Sew the open end of the sock to the sweatshirt along the side. Make three more legs following the same steps, spacing the “legs” equally along the shirt. Next, take the yarn and sew a short length of yarn between each leg, finally attaching to the cuffs of the shirt. This will ensure that the legs don’t simply hang down, but move as your child’s arms do. Attach the googly eyes to the beanie and wear black shoes. And there stands your scary spider.

We can’t wait to see all of your creativity this year at the Halloween parade. For more information feel free to chat with your child’s teachers, they will be able to fill you in on all of the details. More information will be announced in the weeks to come, or you can always call the office for more information.