Creating New Years Resolutions For Children

As the year draws to a close, it is only natural to reflect on the year. New Year’s resolutions always seem like a very adult thing with goals of losing weight or dropping a bad habit. So often these resolutions tackle negatives and very rarely last beyond February. But it doesn’t have to be that way. New Year’s Eve is a great way to reflect with your family on ways to make 2018 a happier year for your family. Here are some tips for tackling New Year’s resolutions for children for this year, and in years to come.

Creating New Year’s Resolutions For Children

How is your family ringing in the New Year?

As you look into the upcoming year, what are your goals for your family? Is it to spend more quality time together or take on a new hobby? Perhaps it is eating better in the new year or getting into a new fitness routine. All of these

items are attainable, especially when you include your entire family in the act. Even small children can be motivated when they can set a goal and see small successes throughout the year. The best way to tackle this is to use the SMART guidelines, in ways that even toddlers can wrap their head around. What does SMART stand for?

  • Specific: make your resolution goals very clear. For example, one goal is to eat healthier in the new year by trying one new veggie recipe a week.
  • Measurable: in the classroom we know that kiddos love charts. Using a whiteboard or a chart at home to track your progress is a great way to ensure your New Year’s resolution will stick well into the year. In this case, put a sticker on the calendar every time you try something new!
  • Attainable: these should be realistic goals, ones that you can include your kids on. If it is to eat healthier, let your kiddos decide between a couple of recipes and talk about which is your favorite. Let them select new veggies or even let them help you cook. This is a good way to ensure your kids stay engaged in the process.
  • Results-Oriented: when setting your goal, you want to keep your eye on the prize. If you stick with your resolution what can you look forward to? In our veggie eating example, perhaps the goal is to get the kids to find five new veggie recipes that they love.
  • Time-Bound: a year is a REALLY long time, especially to a four year old. Breaking your goals into bite-sized (pun intended) chunks, is a good way to keep your kiddos engaged. Breaking it down by season, finding new seasonable recipes in the winter, spring, summer, and fall can make a year long task feel fresh and new throughout the year.

Eating healthier is only one of a ton of options for New Year’s resolutions for children. Here are some options for resolutions for every age group.

yoga with mom and child, new year's resolutions for children

Exercise can be fun for all ages.

  • Set a goal to learn a little in the new year. Perhaps a new language or a new hobby. From finger painting to building a birdhouse, even more advanced projects can be fun with mom and dad’s help. Maybe it is mastering one new site word a week!
  • Adopt a greener lifestyle. Whether it is to be more eco-friendly or to help cut down on the electric bill, going a little greener can be a great goal for the whole family. Remembering to turn off lights, recycling cans and newspapers, or even just picking up after yourself is a great goal for kids of any age.
  • Try something new. From a new veggie to a new adventure, it is never too early to peak a child’s curiosity to try something new. Maybe it is a new playground (indoor or out) every month.  Or to master a new project with Duplos or Legos. This can be a fun way to spark learning and play.
  • Get active. This is a common adult resolution, but one that the kiddos can help with too. Maybe it is to take a walk after dinner (after it gets a little warmer) or try your hand at yoga. Kids love to have some special moments with their parents; so you can both master your downward dog together!

Do you plan on setting a resolution this New Year’s? Let us know on our Facebook page. We would love to see how your family is tackling 2018!